Application notes Erogen X

Erogen X to enlarge the Penis - General information

The shape of the output:

Gel in a bottle with a dispenser


150 ml/pack.


Inadequate Penis Size

Erogen X to increase the innovative way the size of the Penis in house conditions without surgery, potent drugs and treatments-traumatic agents (extenders, vacuum pumps). The Gel is designed for external use Massage the Penis, with the aim to increase it in length and diameter.

Studies have shown that the daily application of the gel in the course of the month of increase Penis size 4 cm long and 1 5 cm in diameter. Regular use does not cause allergies and other side effects. The light texture excludes the possibility of the formation of corns and other damage during use. Test reports confirm that the alleged properties manufacturer Erogen X correspond to reality.

The formula of the Gel - safe-complex whose effect is aimed exclusively at the improvement of the male sexual organ, its increase has no negative effects on the body. Active Components:

  • Protein hydrolysate and hydrolysate amino acids for the growth and the increase in the amount
  • Collagen is responsible for the elasticity and care for sensitive skin
  • Triethanolamine for stamina and long Sex
  • Hood Calendula in order to increase the sensitivity.

How to properly for good results - manual

how prailno Gel Erogenous X use for an efficient penis enlargement

For achievement of high indicators observe the instructions for use of the gel. A less efficient type of application Erogen X - it is the necessary amount of gel sex organ, apply in the Phase of erection (intended to provoke, but not at full strength, only to 70-80%), RUB absorbed over the entire length to complete. You start at the base. A one-time dosage of the gel alone, which is about the size of a walnut. The main thing - the amount of the gel fully days Penis ceiling and to avoid the formation of corns and damage, rubbing to let his flowing movements.

Effective use of the gel is in addition used for a Massage. In the photo, the basic massage types, and in complex with the Gel, the speed of growth of the Penis increases several times.

The result was visible and palpable already recommended to a month Erogen X daily, one to two times a day.

Gel for penis enlargement - contraindications

Strict contraindications to the use of the gel Erogen X it's not there. However, you should do so, if the Penis injuries, corns, in infectious and inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract, cardiovascular and other serious diseases.

Important Information! Due to the high demand for this product, there were numerous cases of forgery, not to exercise an effective influence on the growth and the enlargement of the Penis. Beware of scams. In Spain, the Original to buy the Gel for penis enlargement Erogen X only on our official website.